Who's this Heidi gal?

I am a Wall Street Journal reporter covering trends in business and regulation out of Washington, DC. I'm looking for winners and losers and how the game is changing as some regulations shift and others disappear.

Got ideas? I'd love to hear them!

Before taking on the wilds of DC, I spent 10 years as a foreign correspondent covering globalization, conflict, corruption, extremism and natural resource issues across Africa and Central Asia. I started the whole adventure with The Associated Press, where I worked for a decade, then jumped over to the Journal in 2013 as its East Africa correspondent.

I returned to the US in 2016 for a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard, where I spent the year studying globalization and religion. And yes, I will talk your ear off about this if you let me.

In previous lives (ie - my 20s), I covered advertising, theater and daily stock market news. 

To get in touch, email me at heidi {dot} vogt {at} wsj {dot} com.